Utilization of Seat Safety Belts

Utilization of Seat Safety Belts


This order:

  1. Reaffirms the Chicago Fire Department's (CFD) established policy relative to the utilization of seat safety belts, while traveling in a department vehicle.
  2. Outlines the responsibilities of officers and personnel assigned to a department vehicle.
  3. Rescinds General Order 05-001 dated October 12, 2005.
  4. Becomes effective October 1, 2007.
  1. It is the policy of the CFD that every individual driving or riding in a department vehicle be properly seated and secured through the use of seat safety belts.
  2. All safety restraining devices, including seat belts, shall be in the proper positions before the officer or person-in-charge of the vehicle gives the order to put the vehicle in gear and in motion.
  3. Personnel are not allowed to ride on the tailboard or outside the apparatus when it is in motion.
  4. Personnel providing medical care to a patient in the patient compartment of ambulances, during transport, are exempt from the seat belt requirement.
  1. Officers and other personnel responsible for a department vehicle will immediately report missing and/or defective seat belt assemblies to the Bureau of Support Services, Division of Equipment and Supplies.
  2. Any delays in the repair process shall be reported through the respective chain of command to the bureau commander and to the CFD's Director of Safety.
  3. After all passengers are secured through the use of seat saftey belts, the officer or person-in-charge of the vehicle shall give the order to proceed. Fire engineers or drivers will then put vehicles in gear and in motion. 
  4. It will  be the responsibility of the officer-in-charge, member acting in that capacity, or the vehicle driver (when no officer is present), to ensure compliance with this order.

Disciplinary Ranges

  1. Where a sustained case of failure to comply with this order has occurred, the discipline officer shall recommend the appropriate discipline, within the following guidelines, unless the seriousness of the incident warrants otherwise:

    Discipline Guidelines for Suspension Range in Calendar Days

    Offense                                                  Rank                                              Range
    Failure to wear seat safety belt              Non-supervisory personnel            Written to 3 days
    Failure to wear seat safety belt              Supervisory personnel                   1-3 days
    Failure to enforce this order                   Supervisory personnel                   1-3 days
  2. The foregoing represents the recommended guidelines for assessing discipline for sustained incidents WITH NO PREVIOUS DISCIPLINE. Previous discipline of a related nature, the supervisory rank of an offender, the severity of any of the prohibited acts or conduct, may mandate more severe discipline, where warranted.