Public Safety Vest (PSV)

Public Safety Vest (PSV)


This Order:

  1. Establishes the policy and procedures for the utilization and wearing of the Public Safety Vest (PSV).
  2. Establishes the responsibilities to ensure compliance with this order.
  3. Becomes effective immediately.

The Chicago Fire Department (CFD), as mandated by the Federal Highway Administration, shall issue PSVs to every Fire and EMS company to ensure the safety of all Department personnel while responding to vehicle collisions, or other incidents that require emergency operations in public roadways or any other hazardous areas. 

  1. All personnel shall wear the PSV at all times while working in or near moving traffic, regardless of the time of day or type of roadway. The PSV shall be donned prior to exiting the apparatus and includes instances where personal protective clothing is worn. The only exception is when personnel are wearing self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).
  2. Pursuant to General Order 06-006 ("Mandatory Use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Personal Alert Safety System (PASS)"), it is madatory that all CFD personnel don their SCBA when responding to reported structural fires (confirmed or unconfirmed), automobile fires, hazardous materials incidents or other incidents of an unkown nature, such as investigations of unusual odors. When SCBA is worn, the donning of the PSV is not required.
  3. If a scene initially dictates the donning of an SCBA, when all hazards have been secured and the incident commander gives the order to remove the SCBA or personal protective clothing (i.e. removal of bunker coat due to extreme heat), at a minimum, all personnel shall don the PSV for reflective warning.
  4. PSVs shall be distributed to every apparatus for each riding position. When not in use, all PSVs must be stored on the apparatus so that they are readily accessible by personnel. Worn and/or soiled PSVs can be exchanged at the appropriate District or Field Division headquarters.
  5. Company officers shall enter the PSVs into the company inventory and document any damage, contamination or exchanges in the company journal.

It shall be the responsibility of chief and company officers, or members acting in that capacity, to ensure strict compliance with this order.