SOP's in Progress

This is the most important part of Firecrowd - the part where you create and refine SOPs. Look through the list of SOPs below, and edit them like a Wikipedia article. Log in to create and edit Firecrowd SOPs.

  1. Continues the objectives of the Department Vehicle Accident Policy.
  2. Prescribes command and supervisory responsibilties responsibilities and procedures to be followed relating to traffic safety and accidents.
  3. Defines the classifications of departmental apparatus damage and accidents.
  4. Provides the definition of a departmental vehicle accident.
  5. Becomes effective April 1, 2006, and rescinds General Order 89-006, Addendum 1 and Addendum 2.

This Order:

  1. Clarifies policy on Change of Quarters Protocols;
  2. Defines the responsibilities to ensure compliances with this order;
  3. Rescinds Operations Order 08-010, Change of Quarter Protocols, dated October 24, 2008; and
  4. Becomes effective August 15, 2013.

This Order: 

  1. Reaffirms department and City of Chicago vehicle policies with regard to the use of Chicago Fire Department (CFD) vehicles; 
  2. Outlines when companies can leave quarters and by whose authority;
  3. Rescinds General Order 07-003: Authorized Use of Fire Department Vehicles; and 
  4. Becomes effective January 24, 2013.

This Order:

  1. Establishes the policy and procedures for the utilization and wearing of the Public Safety Vest (PSV).
  2. Establishes the responsibilities to ensure compliance with this order.
  3. Becomes effective immediately.

This order:

  1. Reaffirms the Chicago Fire Department's (CFD) established policy relative to the utilization of seat safety belts, while traveling in a department vehicle.
  2. Outlines the responsibilities of officers and personnel assigned to a department vehicle.
  3. Rescinds General Order 05-001 dated October 12, 2005.
  4. Becomes effective October 1, 2007.

This Order:

  1. Makes notification to all Department employees that driving a vehicle without a current valid Drivers License (examples: expired, suspended, revoked and improper classification) is a violation of the State of Illinois Criminal and Traffic Laws.
  2. Re-affrims Department policy regarding the incorporation of the City and State Driver requirements into administrative regulations for both on-duty and off-duty driving.
  3. Identifies reporting requirements for all employees whose Drivers License is/becomes expired, suspended or revoked.
  4. Rescinds General Order 02-003 dated July 1, 2002.
  5. Becomes effective immediately.