Authorized Use of Fire Department Vehicles Assigned to a Facility or Division

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This order:

  • reaffirms department and City of Chicago vehicle policies with regard to the use of Chicago FIre Department (CFD) vehicles;
  • outlines when companies can leave quarters and by whose authority;
  • rescinds General Order 07-003: Authorized Use of Fire Department Vehicles; and
  • becomes effective January 24, 2013
  • Fire, EMS, auxiliary, and Logistics vehicles shall leave designated quarters only under the following conditions:
    • dispatched by Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMEC);
    • dispatched or instructed by a chief officer to attend training;
    • dispatched or instructed by the OEMC or instructed by a Chief Officer for the purpose of repairs or maintenance to a designated Department of Fleet and Facility Management site;
    • driver's training, with approval of a Chief Officer; or
    • administrative functions approved by a Chief Officer.
  • Upon completion of an assignment, units will immediately return to quarters without delay, unless otherwise directed by the OEMC or a Chief Officer.
  • Cell phone use in city vehicles is prohibited, unless conducting official CFD business.
  • Drivers must be in possession of their Illinois Driver's License and City identification card.
  • The policy of the CFD is that CFD vehicles will be used as prescribed by the Fire Commissioner to serve the emergency needs of the citizens of Chicago.
  • All members using a department vehicle will comply with the following general orders:
    • General Order 05-001 Utilization of Seat Belts
    • General Order 06-003 Department Accident Policy
    • General Order 06-013 Drivers License Requirements
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