Chicago Fire Department

Authorized Use of Fire Department Vehicles Assigned to a Facility or Division

Published Date: 

This order:

  • reaffirms department and City of Chicago vehicle policies with regard to the use of Chicago FIre Department (CFD) vehicles;
  • outlines when companies can leave quarters and by whose authority;
  • rescinds General Order 07-003: Authorized Use of Fire Department Vehicles; and
  • becomes effective January 24, 2013

Department Vehicle Safety Review Board

Published Date: 
  • establishes a Department Vehicle Safety Review Board and defines its purpose, responsibilities, duties and members.
  • incorporates the objectives of the Department's traffic safety and accident policy.
  • establishes corrective training, loss of driving privileges and/or discipline for preventable Department apparatus/vehicle accidents, and for certain infractions of Department General Orders, Directives, practices and procedures.
  • becomes effective April 24, 1996.

Drivers License Requirements

Published Date: 
  • Makes notification to all Department employees that driving a vehicle without a current valid Drivers License (examples: expired, suspended, revoked and improper classification) is a violation of the State of Illinois Criminal and Traffic Laws.
  • Re-affirms Department policy regarding the incorporation of the City and State Driver requirements into administrative regulations for both on-duty and off-duty driving.
  • Identifies reporting requirements for all employees whose Drivers License is/becomes expired, suspended or revoked.
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