Heavy-duty crowd tests served round the clock!

FireCrowd is a world-class crowd testing platform that has proven
its command in offering exceptional high-volume crowd tests!

Accelerate Growth and Gain real user insights designed by FireCrowd to your project

We provide customers with the facility to create crowd-testing projects, which can be of the Guided form that makes use of test-cases provided by customers or the Unguided kind, where we explore and create test-cases, log defects for clients, and perform concentrated tests that are according to the user’s expectations. The customer can select the number of days the crowd testing activity has to be performed. Additionally, they can associate the number of testers utilizing a wide variety of real devices, browsers, and operating system combinations to achieve scalable tests.

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How FireCrowd Works?

How crowd testing tools works
Preparation phase
  • Understanding Client Business Needs and Goals
  • Design Test Plan
  • Required Skills
  • Deliverable Planning
How crowd testing tools works
Initiation Phase
  • Test Case Definition & Configuration
  • Setting Up Crowd Testing Teams
  • Establishing a Testing Environment
How crowd testing tools works
Execution Phase
  • Initiating Testing Across Required Devices and Softwares
  • Supervise Testing Teams & Ensuring high Performance
How crowd testing tools works
Evaluation Phase
  • Validation of Results & Quality Assurance
  • Preparation of Client Deliverables & Process Tester's Compensation
How crowd testing tools works
Completion Phase
  • Present In-Depth Results to Clients
  • Rate FireCrowd Testers & Close Test Cycle

All Test in One Platform

crowd testing tool for web app

Web Testing

Testing web applications ensures that are fully functional on all devices and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

crowd testing tool for mobile app

Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing, on the other hand, is aimed at identifying compatibility issues within a native or hybrid mobile app on a variety of Android and iOS devices.

crowd testing tool for web and mobile

Web and Mobile Testing

It can be tested manually and helps you ensure that the application you're delivering to users fulfills all business requirements as well as user needs.








Real device

Unique Features of FireCrowd

features of crowd testing tools

Live graphical reports based on platform, device & location

Export the project from FireCrowd and Import in FireFlink

Execute Tests on real devices, browsers & OS

Import/Export report in Excel

Customized privileges for user specific access

Multilevel defect validation

Why Choose FireCrowd?

How crowd testing tools works
How crowd testing tools works
How crowd testing tools works
How crowd testing tools works
How crowd testing tools works